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School Improvement.
Supporting settings to improve outcomes for all children and young people in Somerset.
SSE’s Primary School Improvement Advisers provide a wide range of high-quality advisory and consultancy services to support schools, academies and other settings in raising the level of outcomes for young people through improving standards, leadership and management, and the overall quality of provision in settings.


The School Improvement Service works on behalf of the Local Authority to support and advise school leaders striving to achieve educational excellence. This includes monitoring and evaluating the progress of schools and intervening where appropriate, as well as brokering arrangements for school-to-school support.

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Training & Events

24 Feb
New Governors - Maintained Schools/ Local Governance Bodies
The Induction session aims to develop your confidence and understanding of: - The key roles and responsibilities - Good practice - How to get to know your school - Managing the workload
24 Feb
Introduction to Child Protection
The aims of this course are: - To provide an introductory level of knowledge and understanding about child abuse - To provide a local and national perspective, and to know what to do if you suspect that a child is being abused. By the end of the course participants will: - Understand the different types of child abuse and the ways that they can affect children - Have a basic understanding of the way that key agencies work to protect children - Have a clear understanding of the Somerset child protection procedures - Have an opportunity to develop better inter-agency working partnerships and consider the unique responsibility that each has in the protection of children - Have an understanding of their own professional responsibility in relation to child protection.
26 Feb
Data Protection and the New GDPR Directive - The Changes for Schools
After an outline of the new directive, the current practice will be highlighted. Having isolated the changes, the delegates will complete a series of practical activities. Time will be allocated to create an implementation plan to allow full compliance for when the new regulations arrive.
26 Feb
Level 4 Award Professional Practice for Specialist Teaching Assistant working with Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs
The course consists of an introductory session, followed by 5 full day taught sessions. Please note: It is highly recommended that you attend an Introductory Session and also the Study Skills session. There are 2 introductory sessions but you will only need to attend one of the sessions; Tuesday 11th July 2017 Introductory Session; 17.00 18.30 or Wednesday 6th September 2017 Introductory Session; 17.00 18.30. There will also be a Study Skills session taking place for the course on Tuesday 10th October 2018; 18.00 - 20.00 at Fiveways School. On completion of this qualification, a presentation event will take place on Friday 28th September 2018 17.00 – 18.30 at Fiveways School, Yeovil. If you are unable to attend either of these sessions (introductory or study skills) or if you have any questions with regards to the sessions of the course please contact Jenny Squire on 01823 348268 or email JSquire@somerset.gov.uk as soon as possible. This is so that we can inform the tutor and we can update our records on who will be attending and who will not be for these sessions. Each taught session will cover a specific topic which are the following: - Day 1 – Inclusive Practice - Day 2 – Child Development - Day 3 – Assessment - Day 4 – Impact of SEN on Learning - Day 5 – Social and Emotional Development Please note: as well as attending the above sessions, the course will require independent study and the production of a portfolio of evidence consisting of written assignments, reflective logs, written reports, and workplace observations. Please download timeline of events for learner's information of what to expect.
26 Feb
Primary Data for Governors and Trustees
A session aimed at helping governors and trustees to understand: all sources of data available how to interpret what that data is saying assessment of students types of analysis that boards can expect The session also focuses on giving governors and trustees confidence to hold the school/academy to account for the educational effectiveness of the setting.
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