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Education Welfare Service (EWS).

Fulfilling statutory responsibility by ensuring parents and carers have their child attend school.


The aim of the Education Welfare Service is to ensure every child of statutory school age in Somerset receives their full educational entitlement in terms of attendance to ensure they are safe and to enable them to achieve to their full potential.

Please note that a Core Service is provided to Somerset Maintained schools and academies at no charge. For more information, please login and see the document entitled Core Service Entitlement, which you can find in the downloads section on the right-hand side of this page.

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Our work includes:

  • Identifying pupils who do not attend school regularly.
  • Working with schools to support the good attendance of all pupils.
  • Making use of meetings with parents and schools to resolve difficulties with attendance; when necessary EWS makes use of the statutory powers of Somerset County Council, including the use of penalty notices and prosecutions.
  • Tracking children who are missing education, perhaps having moved out of county, for example, which fulfills Somerset’s statutory responsibilities for “Children Missing Education”.
  • Contact with families who have elected to home educate their children.
  • We provide a licensing service for children in entertainment and employment and for chaperones.

Contact Details

Stephanie Curry
Senior Education Welfare Officer
01935 463739

Ellie Dalwood
County Education Welfare Manager
01935 463740

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