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Time Together.

Building the parent-child relationship through play


Time Together is a home visiting service for parents and children aged 0-4 years. It aims to build the parent-child relationship through play. It also aims to build parental confidence and understanding of the world from their child’s view. Where possible, Time Together supports parents to access community based support such as parent and child groups at children’s centres.

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  • We offer approximately 10 weekly home visits, lasting approximately one hour and using the PEEP structure. At the start we complete a pre Time Together questionnaire with parents and focus the work around the parental aims (for example, to create a closer bond between mother and child).
  • The approach we use is embedded in psychological theory, promoting the parent child relationship from an attachment theory perspective.
  • There are four teams of home visitors across the county. There are two senior home visitors (one for the East and one for the West) and each of the teams are supervised and managed by the Educational Psychology team.
  • Referrals are typically made by health visitors, children’s centre workers (such as family support workers), and setting staff.

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Dr Becky Louise Butcher - Educational Psychologist

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